Data Excellence Program

Demonstrate your commitment to elevating your data management program and delivering trust in data across your enterprise

What is the Data Excellence Program?

The EDM Council’s Data Excellence Program recognizes organizations who demonstrate ongoing commitment to continually advancing their data management program and ensuring trust in data across the enterprise. Member firms are invited to participate, while Certified Partners in this program have achieved credentials in Data Excellence and are qualified to support these organizations in their own journey. This includes measuring data management capability at the organizational level based on the globally recognized best practices of the DCAM framework.

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Showcase industry credentials

Participating member firms – including corporations and organizations from the public and private sector, as well as vendors, technology providers and consultants who serve as our Certified Partners – can earn industry recognition. This includes Data Excellence Program and Certified Partner badges to showcase your credentials and demonstrate your commitment to achieving excellence in data management.

Get started with our Certified Partners

Discover how our each of our founding Certified Partners are supporting the Data Excellence Program. Get in touch with them to get your organization started on its journey to achieving data excellence!

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Benefits of the Data Excellence Program

Enterprise-Level Program Benefits

  • Business Value – Strategically align your data program to your business goals
  • Trusted Data – Assure data quality, security, governance, compliance, and ethical use of data
  • Market Recognition – Industry recognition for commitment to data excellence
  • Program Sustainability – Continuous improvement for supporting organization-wide data programs

Data Program–Level Benefits

  • Elevate Data Management – Establish data management as an ongoing program, rather than a singular project
  • Funding Support – Program-based measurement tool to assist with funding requests/justification
  • Peer-to-Peer Comparisons – Compare your organization’s progress with that of peers in the industry
  • Talent Attraction & Retention – Attract and retain data professionals

Begin your Data Excellence journey

Take your next step in your commitment to demonstrating ongoing data management excellence. We invite ALL member firms to participate. Key steps in the program include:

  • Data management team training and certification in DCAM
  • Independent DCAM assessments and data management capability improvement plan through a Certified Partner supporting the Data Excellence Program
  • Recognition in the Data Excellence Program with badge credentials and demonstrated ongoing commitment


Get in touch with our Data Excellence Program team

Whether you are a member firm seeking more information about getting started in the Data Excellence Program, or you are a vendor or consulting firm interested in becoming a Certified Partner, please contact us today.

Data Excellence Program FAQs

The Data Excellence Program has 3 elements:

  1. Member Badge – Member must meet all Program Requirements to receive badge
  2. Excellence Program – Annual requirements that Member firm must continue to meet
  3. Certified Partner – The organization’s Partner firm is required to represent that the Member has met Program requirements

No, not at this time. The Program is designed as a formal Recognition Program to acknowledge levels of organizational achievement of a data management function against global industry best practices. Current discussions in the DCAM3 initiative indicate that there may be Certifiable elements of that version. If that is the case, then the Data Excellence Program may migrate to a Certification pathway in the future.

The EDM Council awards Data Excellence Program badges to participants based on their level of Program achievement. The Badges are renewed annually based upon the formal representation by a Certified Partner that all requirements have been met. Levels are:

  • Data Excellence Program
  • Data Excellence Program – Gold
  • Data Excellence Program – Platinum
  • Data Excellence Program – Diamond

The digital badges will be hosted and distributed by Credly. Detail on the scope, level and contact information, etc. is provided by clicking on the digital badge.

The Data Excellence Program was designed for any organization or entity that wants to formally demonstrate its commitment to continuous measurement and achievement of its data management program’s capability and sustainability, against global industry best practices. The Program can serve as both a roadmap for organizations beginning their data management journey and/or as a measurement & recognition tool for those organizations that have established data management functions.

No. In fact the Program was designed to be scalable based on business goals as determined by the Member and the Certified Partner. The Data Excellence Program Badge represents the accomplishment specific to the scope (i.e. dept, agency, region, etc.) of the entity participating. In this case, there could be multiple Badges awarded within an organization. The specifics of the participant are included in the click-through of the digital Badge.

There is no separate, additional cost to participate in the Data Excellence Program. Participants must be a member of the EDM Council and meet all Program requirements to be part of the Program.

Validation by a separate third party is essential to ensure quality, consistency and confidence in the Program’s integrity in the marketplace. The Certified Partners are required to meet an increased level of commitment to – and successful activity in – the Program to qualify and maintain the designation.

Organizations that have conducted a DCAM assessment (by an Authorized or Certified Partner) and/or DCAM certified training are eligible to enter the Data Excellence Program. The organization then must meet the requirements for the desired Data Excellence Program status (Gold, Platinum, Diamond) to remain in the Program.

To enter the program, organizations simply need to have DCAM-trained and certified staff or have a DCAM assessment conducted (or committed to) by an Authorized or Certified Partner.

The Founders Program is the “pilot” phase of development from which the formal Program was created. It was the first step in the development of the official Data Excellence Program. It has three purposes:

  1. Initial validation of the concept and strawman for a formal recognition program for data management at the organizational level
  2. Final review and refinement of the Program in preparation for formal launch
  3. Increased recognition for those organizations that are currently using the DCAM framework – and for those that have in the past.

Certified Partners can be found on the Member log or the Authorized Partner Program page by utilizing the filter on the left hand side of the page. Feel free to contact our Partnerships team using the form.