DataWise, Inc.

Data Excellence Program - Certified Partner

Key Certified Partner Highlights

DataWise, Inc., has been a member of the EDM Council since 2022 and is also an EDM Council Partner:

  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for DCAM since 2022
  • Authorized DCAM Instructor – since 2023
  • Leading Data Consultant – CDO Magazine, 2022
  • Founder and Certified Partner for the Data Excellence Program since 2023 – Gold Level

About DataWise

DataWise is dedicated to evaluating and planning Data Management Programs and providing data management education. Our CEO has led 35+ Assessment and Roadmap engagements for multiple industries and has been instructing staff members from all industries since 2015, offering both instructor-led education and eLearning courses. As a Partner Founder of the Data Excellence Program, we sponsored two organizations for the Data Excellence Badge in 2023. We are totally committed to our client’s success!

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Melanie A. Mecca, Founder & CEO
Tel: +1 240-274-7720

Additional resources from DataWise

Explore these additional resources to learn more about Projective Group's support for the Data Excellence Program and best practices in data management.

Demystifying Data Culture

The term “data culture” is frequently used to describe a normative view about how an organization functions (or more precisely, should function) with respect to its data. The term is not particularly well defined, and the notions held about this term can vary significantly.

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Conducting a DCAM Assessment

My company led a Data Management Assessment for a government agency this spring, using the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM), and delivered the final report at the end of May.

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EDM Education – Part 1 Why, What & Who

In Part 1, we are going to focus on why EDM Education is needed, what learning objectives it should deliver, and who needs it.

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