The Ontology for Medicinal Products

Aligning data standards to increase patient safety

The ISO standards for Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) provide an internationally accepted framework to uniquely identify and describe medicinal products. Driven by regulatory requirements, the role of IDMP is to align the pharmaceutical industry on data standards for product and substance information. Realization of the full potential of IDMP depends on self-describing data to counteract diverse, non-standard IDMP implementations.

However, today’s IMDP implementations are built in silos and have already created inconsistencies of interpretation. Without an IDMP Ontology, the risk is that the envisioned IMDP benefits and cost savings are not fully realized. Furthermore, IDMP standards become mandatory for drug submissions in 2023.

Goals of the IDMP ontology

Working in collaboration with numerous participating organizations, we will augment the existing IDMP standardization efforts with an IDMP Ontology that enables deep, semantic interoperability based on FAIR principles. This will ultimately enable entirely new ways of collaboration and enable early adopters to gain a competitive advantage in innovation, drug safety and overall operational efficiency.

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EDM Council collaboration

A group of pharmaceutical representatives started the initiative to create the IDMP Ontology and selected Pistoia Alliance for the management and organization of the project. EDM Council, through its Open Knowledge Graph and Innovation Lab, is providing the governance and hosting of the ontology.