Innovation Lab

EDMC recognizes the urgent need to bring this new architecture and approach to its members and beyond.

In consultations with various members, analysts, and software vendors, we have launched the Open Knowledge Graph Innovation Lab (OKG/IL).

EDM Council goals & principles for the OKG Innovation Lab

  • To become the leading global industry open knowledge graph innovation lab and promote graph thought leadership.
  • Provide industry best practice graph standards, knowledge graph training and shared ontology development via community collaboration across the Graph ecosystem including industry, government, and academia.
  • Develop a sustainable financial sponsorship model in a structured, scaleable and feasible operating model.

OKG Innovation Lab Deliverables

  • Provide training and Knowledge Graph methodology, industry best practices for developing Graph Platform Capabilities & scaleable Patterns
  • Graph implementation guidance – tool selection, architecture, related Graph tech ( AI, ML, data fabric)
  • Graph Tech & Tool directory with demos page for each ( informative, independent guidance of type of tool and purpose)

OKG Ecosystem

From simple Graphs to Industrial Knowledge Graphs

Basic Graph

  • Standalone
  • High-performance
  • Training sets for ML, NLP do not need to be reuseable
  • Interoperability is not required
  • Explanation support is not required

Knowledge Graph

  • Standalone, but can be integrated
  • Models (ontologies) are much more transparent, shareable, span multiple resources
  • Training sets for ML, NLP can be designed for reuse
  • Can support explanations, use semantics for better results, uncover bias

Enterprise Knowledge Graph

  • Integrates content across silos & applications
  • Provides the basis for common understanding across domain areas and lines of business
  • Supports alignment of data for internal analysis & regulatory reporting
  • Supports explanations, uses semantics for better results, limits bias

Industrial Knowledge Graph / Data Fabric

  • Integrates content across available resources
  • Provides the basis for common understanding across industry
  • Supports alignment of data for product research, basic science regulatory compliance & oversight, historical context


Benefits for Sponsors

  • Brand Recognition (Special Recognition for Founding Sponsors)
  • Work in Neutral, Collaborative Setting
  • Demonstrate Thought Leadership and Subject Matter Expertise
  • Educate Potential Customers through Webinars and Forums
  • Access to Institutions/Corporate Customers
  • Participate in Governance Body that Determines Projects

Benefits for Members

  • Accelerate Adoption of Graph for Better Decision Making
  • Reduce Risk Related to Projects
  • Work with industry Thought Leaders and Subject Matter Experts on projects
  • Propose New Use Cases
  • Learning and Education Through Webinars, Forums and Training
  • Monthly OKGIL Forum
  • EDM Connect for OKGIL

For more information, please contact Jan Kroh.