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Knowledge Graph Architecture for the Enterprise: Fundamentals for Digital Transformation

Everyone is talking about Knowledge Graphs, but what is a knowledge graph? How can you use it in your business? How do they make data better and more useful?

Learn about this technology that has been used for years by major global companies — from Google to banks to pharmaceutical firms — to unlock deeper knowledge hiding in data. Knowledge graphs work like the human brain does by making multiple connections to related data that ultimately lead to more comprehensive understanding and insights.

Start with this highly recognized data management course – and get professionally accredited – in the use of knowledge graph and its applications.

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Virtual Classes:

Knowledge Graph Architecture for the Enterprise: Fundamentals for Digital Transformation

This on-demand eLearning course is targeted to data professionals, including database administrators, data scientists, analysts, as well as business architects and product managers for data-driven applications. Learn the fundamentals of the technology and business case around Knowledge Graphs, and how they benefit today’s enterprises including hands-on exercises for both business and technical users.

You will learn the fundamentals of the technology and business case around Knowledge Graphs, as well as their history and why they are important in the enterprise today. In particular, you will learn:

  • What a Knowledge Graph is, what are its uses, and how does it provide business value.
  • Different approaches to Knowledge Graphs, and when to use them
  • Knowledge Graph standards and their importance in governance and application sustainability
  • Categories of tools for building, deploying and maintaining knowledge graphs
  • Best Practices for data publication, use and re-use
  • How to build a simple example of a knowledge graph using sample data combined with public data

On-demand eLearning Knowledge Graph Course and Certification

Through our partnership with eLearningCurve, EDM Council is pleased to offer professional “Knowledge Graph Architecture for the Enterprise” training courses and certification in an online, self-paced format. Take the full course and pursue certification.


Dedicated LIVE Virtual Course Option For Your Company
To accommodate member firms seeking a private course, the EDM Council offers a dedicated LIVE virtual option for firm’s that have 10 or more students. Please contact Eric Bigelsen for details.


  • Knowledge Graph Business Case and Market Adoption
  • Knowledge Graph Enterprise Architecture
    • Data, Query & Modeling languages
    • Enterprise Architecture Ecosystem
  • Knowledge Graph Examples & Hands-On Exercises
    • Finance, life science & manufacturing examples
  • Course Summary & Accreditation

Knowledge Graph Training Instructors

Dean Allemang

  • EDM Council Senior Advisor – Knowledge Graph & FIBO
  • Chief Scientist, TopQuadrant Inc, Capsicum Business Architects PTY LLC
  • Advisor, Open PHACTS project
  • Expert Panelist, Innovative Medicines Initiative and NSF of Ireland
  • PhD, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Ohio State
  • Marshall Scholar, Cambridge University
  • Swiss Prize for Technical Innovation, 1992 and 1996
  • Co-author: Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist

Shaun Rolls

  • Shaun is the Regional Advocate for Europe and a EDMC certified KnowledgeGraph instructor who has over 20 years global experience across London, Europe and Australia within the domains of data management, BI, business and data architecture and cloud technology from global investment banks including Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.
  • As one of the leading data management and analytics strategists across Europe, Shaun helps organisations bridge Business and Technology together to build a leading data driven culture.
  • Across the data, architecture & technology industry, Shaun is a long standing member of the EDM Council and FIBO teams, the founder and leader of the Europe Business Architecture Guild Community and currently head of the Europe Data Leadership Circle

Pawel Garbacz, PhD

  • Associate Professor in Department of Foundations of Computer Science (John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) (Poland)
  • Principal Ontologist in BORO Solutions Ltd.
  • Former Research Consultant in Centre for Industrial Applications of Mathematics and Systems Engineering
  • Editor of Journal of Applied Ontology