Trusted best practices for data management & analytics

Built by the data management community

The EDM Council promotes best practices of data management and analytics with the goal of elevating the profession as a strategic and operational priority.

This is achieved by developing comprehensive best practice frameworks that provide the guidance, structure and objective scoring for any organization to assess its progress towards data management maturity and develop an appropriate and strategic plan of action.

The EDM Council team provides the forum for experts from across our membership and the data management community to collaborate and develop the best practice frameworks that have become the global standard for data management.

Advanced capabilities for data-driven organizations

On premise? Cloud? Hybrid cloud? Our best practices support your data ecosystem.

DCAM: Data Management Capability Assessment Model

Developed by EDM Council members, DCAM is the industry standard, best practices framework for data management and advanced analytics. DCAM defines the scope of capabilities required to establish, enable and sustain a mature data management discipline.

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CDMC: Cloud Data Management Capabilities

CDMC is a comprehensive assessment and certification framework for best practices in the cloud. It includes 14 Key Automated Controls and Automations for protecting sensitive data in the cloud. This open source framework is available for any organization’s internal use.

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