Data Excellence Program - Certified Partner

Key Certified Partner Highlights

Ortecha has been a member of the EDM Council since 2015 and is also an EDM Council Partner:

  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for DCAM since 2015
  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for CDMC since 2021
  • Founder and Certified Partner for the Data Excellence Program since 2023 – Gold Level

About Ortecha

Ortecha is a specialist consultancy dedicated to helping organisations manage their data:

  • We work collaboratively with our clients, which range from multinational banks to chic fashion-houses and small charities.
  • We enjoy delivering practical improvements that address the technological, organisational and cultural aspects of data.
  • We help to create best practice in partnership with the international data community, along with guidance on how to apply it to messy real life.

Get in touch with Ortecha

Mark McQueen
+1 615 308 6465

Additional resources from Ortecha

Explore these additional resources to learn more about Ortecha's support for the Data Excellence Program and best practices in data management.

The Data Leaders’ Guide to Implementing DCAM

A structured approach to evaluate an organisation’s data maturity, strengths, and areas that need improvement.

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How we help with DCAM

Follow a best practice framework and measure your progress by adopting DCAM.

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How we help with CDMC

Manage and control data in your Cloud environment with CDMC.

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