Projective Group

Data Excellence Program - Certified Partner

Key Certified Partner Highlights

Projective Group has been a member of the EDM Council since 2016 and is also an EDM Council Partner:

  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for DCAM since 2017
  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for CDMC since 2022
  • Founder and Certified Partner for the Data Excellence Program since 2023 – Gold Level

About Projective Group

Projective Group is an end-to-end partner for organisations who want to excel in an ever-changing environment. As a dedicated change agent for the financial industry, they provide seamless consulting services leveraging business, technology, and delivery expertise to drive envisaged benefits and results. Their propositions focus on the industry themes of data, transformation, payments, talent, and risk and compliance, serving their clients from offices in Europe’s leading financial centres, including Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Paris.

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