ESG Data Management

Driving Best Data Practices for Environmental, Social and Governance

The need for accurate, timely, consistent, transparent, accessible ESG data, and the supporting data management processes to ensure the aforementioned, is a significant challenge for all stakeholders in the ESG ecosystem. Whether you are a Corporate Reporting entity, Data Aggregator, Rating/Research firm, Investment Manager, or Asset Owner, there is a lot of confusion related to ESG data. This is due, in part, to evolving Regulation and Standards, voluntary reporting, lack of agreement on many standards, multiple parties and influences, and no clear understanding about what stakeholders really want.

The EDM Council is playing a key role in bringing together stakeholders from across multiple industries to collaborate on establishing ESG data management best practices, create awareness, educate industry participants, and assist Regulators and Standards Organizations when and where applicable.

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NEW! Playbook for Effective ESG and Sustainability Data Management

Markets are moving from voluntary and unstructured environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and sustainability reporting to mandatory and standardized sustainability disclosures. There is also a trend towards the convergence of sustainability and financial disclosures and, eventually, integrated reporting. To deliver and sustain these reporting trends, companies need a framework for properly managing ESG and sustainability data.

The Playbook for Effective ESG and Sustainability Data Management is intended to be a guide to help companies understand how to leverage existing tools and known data management (DM) capability requirements to accelerate the design and execution of a data governance and management strategy for ESG and sustainability data and reporting.

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ESG Report for Investment Product Creators

The ESG Workgroup published this fourth report, available for free download. It discusses the data challenges and data management best practices relating to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data for investment product creators. This report also includes recommendations on short and longer-term actions the stakeholder group can take to improve the collection and use of ESG data within their investment analysis, practices, and reporting.

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ESG Report for Asset Owners

The ESG Workgroup published this third report, available for free download. It includes recommendations on near-term actions asset owners can take to improve ESG data best practices as individual organizations and as a group.

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ESG Report for Rating Providers and Data Aggregators

This in-depth report, available for free download, on ESG data examines the key challenges of the ESG data supply chain. It provides strategic and tactical recommendations within a framework of eleven major challenges identified for rating providers and data aggregators who play an important role in collecting and analyzing raw data from reporting entities.

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ESG Report for Corporate Reporting Entities

The ESG Workgroup published its first deliverable in November 2021, available for download. This initial document is just one section of a forthcoming larger report by the ESG Workgroup, which will be the culmination of the group’s 9-month study to investigate, review and document ESG data management challenges and best practices.

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