Data Excellence Program - Certified Partner

Key Certified Partner Highlights

Element22 has been a member of the EDM Council since 2010 and is also an EDM Council Partner:

  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for DCAM since 2015
  • EDM Council Authorized Partner for CDMC since 2021
  • Founder and Certified Partner for the Data Excellence Program since 2023 – Diamond Level

About Element22

Element22 is a boutique consultancy and technology firm committed to modernizing data and analytics with in-depth expertise in Strategy, Governance, Execution, Sourcing and Analytics. Since 2010, Element22 has been an active contributor to the EDM Council, and trusted by dozens of clients to perform DCAM and CDMC assessments, including developing and implementing data management and analytics improvement roadmaps. Element22 also provides Pellustro®, a cloud platform designed to simplify and accelerate DCAM and CDMC assessments.

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Andy Radzevicius
+1 212 353 9616

Additional resources from Element22

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Best-in-class Advisory and Execution

We offer expertise and practical experience at the intersection of business models, AI, and data.

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Pellustro Cloud-Based Assessment & Benchmarking

Pellustro® provides a simple assessment experience that supports different levels of required formality and complexity of models and classifications.

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DCAM Assessments with Pellustro

Pellustro® is the first tool to support the EDM Council’s DCAM™ model and it is the most used DCAM™ assessment tool, capable of managing assessments of any size.

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