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CDMC v1.1 – On-Demand eLearning Training with Certification


CDMC (the Cloud Data Management Capabilities) Framework is the industry-standard, best practice framework for the management and control of sensitive and important data in cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. The development of CDMC was facilitated by the EDM Council with the contribution of over 300 professionals from over 100 organizations including cloud consumers, cloud service providers, technology providers and consultancies. CDMC provides organizations the ability to assess their current state cloud data management capabilities and identify gaps for remediation. CDMC also enables cloud service and technology providers to audit and certify that their products and services support and automate key controls for the control of sensitive data in cloud environments.  

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The CDMC course provides a comprehensive perspective on capabilities needed to manage and control data at scale in cloud environments. The curriculum is organized into six core components covering 37 essential data management capabilities and 14 key controls. Each capability is supported by a series of requirement statements including specific objectives, implementation advice, artifacts and scoring guidance that enables the evaluation of cloud data management initiatives.

The CDMC course is organized into its six core components:

  • Governance & Accountability
  • Cataloging & Classification
  • Access & Usage
  • Protection & Privacy
  • Data Lifecycle
  • Data & Technical Architecture


You will learn:

  • A comprehensive understanding of Cloud Data Management best practices
  • The objectives and key considerations of each of the detailed sub-capabilities
  • The drivers and automation opportunities associated with each of the key controls
  • Use cases for the framework, including its use in assessment and certification
  • The relationship between CDMC and the EDM Council’s DCAM framework
  • The resources that are available to support the adoption and use of CDMC


This course is geared towards:

  • Cloud migration / adoption managers and executives
  • Business managers and executives
  • Data managers and executives
  • Technology managers and executives
  • Cloud and technology architects
  • Data management analysts
  • Business analysts
  • Anyone involved in or impacted by migration to and adoption of cloud services and technologies
  • Anyone with an interest in understanding the capabilities, challenges and opportunities offered by cloud data management


Your instructors for this course are:
Colin Gibson – Senior Advisor, EDM Council
Rob Wentz – KPMG
Chris Grote – Atlan
Stuart Woodward – Ortecha
Jubair Patel – Microsoft
Emmanuel Raymond – TietoEvry
Terry Hedin – London Stock Exchange Group


Are you already accredited in CDMC? Earn your CDMC Certification. If you have previously taken the CDMC course either in person or online and wish to become CDMC Certified, purchase the Certification exam only. If you would like to review CDMC content before taking the certification exam, or get up to date on the latest version of CDMC, you can purchase the course + exam for previously accredited students.

Have you previously earned another certification and would now like to be CDMC Certified? A special package is available for qualified students. To qualify, you mush have previously earned one of the following: CIMP, CDS, DCAM, CDMC, or Data Literacy Mentor. Visit CDMC for previously certified students for more information.