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Join a vibrant community of 25,000+ business leaders, CDOs, and data and analytics professionals across all industries.

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Expand your data acumen. EDM Council provides a range of interactive programs—from webinars to training courses to conferences—where professionals at all levels can learn the latest from today's data and analytics experts.

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CDMC v1.0 Americas / Europe Virtual Training Class with Certification
The DCAM Framework (v2.2) – Virtual Training with Certification (Americas)
CDMC v1.0 APAC Virtual Training Class with Certification


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Enabling Safe Use of Generative AI with Data Controls
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Best practices for managing the explosion of External Data providers
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Leading the AI Revolution – OpenAI & ChatGPT: Opportunity, Risks & Rewards with Microsoft
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Leverage the most trusted data management frameworks in the world


DCAM™—the Data Management Capability Assessment Model—defines the best practices and capabilities required to establish, enable and sustain a mature data management function.

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CDMC—Cloud Data Management Capabilities—is the world's first framework to manage data securely in the cloud and accelerate trusted adoption of cloud and multi-cloud environments.

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Use CDMC and DCAM to identify the data risks and opportunities for your organization

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Open Knowledge Graph

Access industry models and explore the innovative graph lab that created them

The Open Knowledge Graph (OKG) Innovation Lab provides the forum for community collaboration across the graph ecosystem. Access the latest industry models, such as FIBO (Financial) and Automotive, and help develop the next best practice knowledge graph standards, training and shared ontologies.

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By participating in a global community of data and analytics professionals, companies, organizations and individuals will be able to:

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    Make trusted, data-driven decisions
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    Understand your customer experience better
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    Reliably project and generate more revenue
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    Reduce costs and risk of regulatory compliance

Solving real-world data challenges

EDM Council solutions and programs empower data professionals to achieve their organizations’ objectives with well-founded, data-driven strategies.

“With DCAM, we have been able to unify our data strategy across TVS Motor entities and departments. We are now getting greater value out of our data, and it is now at the core of everything we do.”

TVS Motors
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"We're very excited to be the first cloud platform to adopt this new standard to help further accelerate the industry's move to the cloud."

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"The use of DCAM will help to continually investigate our baseline and progress for data maturity."

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