The Hoarding Mentality and what to do about it

Date and Time

Wed, Apr 24, 2024
10:00 A.M. EST


We are making our lives more difficult and have been fooled into thinking more is better, especially when it comes to data. What is currently happening in the world and why do we need to take data hoarding seriously? Lets get everyone to play nicely together and get data right by getting us all a little bit of data therapy.

Join this session to discover:

  • What is the hoarding principle and where is comes from?
  • Why Technology is not coming to save us
  • What is data therapy and learn the steps on how to provide it for your organisation
  • An overview of whats happening in the data and AI market and how to react


Caroline Carruthers
Chief Executive, Carruthers & Jackson
Moderator: Michelle Van Steenbergen
SVP, Commercial Banking, Sr. Business Data Manager, M&T Bank