Past Webinar

Enabling Safe Use of Data and Adoption of GenAI

Date and Time

Tue, Feb 13, 2024
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In an era where technology evolves rapidly and data threats are ever-increasing, it is crucial for enterprises to adopt proactive data strategies. These strategies should not only effectively utilize data but also ensure its protection. The upcoming EDMWebinar will delve into pioneering methods for data security and compliance, emphasizing the safe adoption of generative AI (GenAI). Featuring a panel with representatives from Databricks, the Data & AI company, Securiti, the Unified Data Command Center company, and Asurion, a tech care company, this webinar will focus on:

  • Implementing GenAI strategies while upholding stringent data privacy and security measures.
  • Exploring the enhanced data intelligence capabilities emerging from the Securiti-Databricks partnership.
  • Demonstrating real-world applications and the benefits of this collaborative effort.


Sanjeev Krishnan
Data Intelligence Technology, Asurion
Jocelyn Houle
Sr. Director of Product Management, Securiti
Raja Perumal
Sr. Alliances Manager, Databricks

Post-event summary

The webinar titled “Enabling Safe Use of Data and Adoption of GenAI,” co-hosted by the EDM Council and Securiti, featured a dynamic and insightful discussion among industry experts:

  • Sanjeev Krishnan, Data Intelligence Technology, Asurion
  • Jocelyn Houle, Sr. Director of Product Management, Securiti
  • Raja Perumal, Sr. Alliances Manager, Databricks
  • Moderator: Mike Meriton, Co-Founder, EDM Council

The panel delved into the critical intersection of data governance, security, and the burgeoning field of generative AI technologies. Speakers shared insights on how organizations can harness the power of AI while ensuring data privacy, security, and compliance with emerging regulations.

The discussion highlighted the importance of establishing solid data governance frameworks and the need for scalable and resilient architecture to support the rapid growth and potential of AI applications. The conversation also addressed the practical challenges organizations face, such as data discovery, classification, and the management of access to sensitive information. 

A key takeaway was the emphasis on starting small, proving success, and gradually expanding to build a robust data governance strategy that can support AI initiatives effectively. Mike Meriton aptly summarized the sentiment of the webinar, stating, “Building a framework with solid bedrock principles is paramount… It’s necessary to get the foundation basic principles straight, keep your architecture resilient, flexible, and scalable.” This quote encapsulates the core message: as we stand on the cusp of a generative AI revolution, laying a strong foundation in data governance and security is not just important but essential for harnessing its full potential responsibly and ethically.