Data Governance Strategies for Leveraging Generative AI in Financial Services

Date and Time

Tue, Jul 30, 2024
11:00 A.M. EST


For financial institutions venturing into the realm of generative AI, ensuring robust data discovery and governance is essential. Join BigID, AWS, MongoDB, and EDM Council for key insights into navigating the intricate landscape of data governance while leveraging generative AI technologies alongside data security for the financial services sector.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the pivotal role of data governance in the adoption of generative AI within financial services.
  • Strategies for establishing comprehensive data governance frameworks tailored to the unique challenges of generative AI.
  • Addressing regulatory compliance requirements specific to financial services organizations.

Join us to gain practical insights and best practices for navigating the complexities of data governance while harnessing the transformative potential of generative AI in financial services.


Stephen Gatchell
Sr.Director, Data Advisory, BigID
Shiv Pullepu
Financial Services Industry Principal, MongoDB
Peter Williams
Global Head of Financial Services Partner Technology, AWS
Justin Heller
SVP, Chief Data Officer, Synchrony Financial