Climate Risk Masterclass: Use GenAI for Climate Resilience, ESG Disclosures & Innovation

Date and Time

Tue, Jun 18, 2024
11:00 A.M. EST


As companies prepare for their Climate ESG Disclosures, due in January 2025, not surprisingly, the World Economic Forum has put Extreme Weather as the No1 risk for businesses in the 2024 Global Risks Report. NOAA has calculated that there’s been more than $60 billion plus disasters over the past five years that have costed the economy and companies more than $100 billion in losses. Climate Risk is a board level priority.

Join us for this webinar sponsored by Levent Ergin, Chief Strategist for ESG Sustainability & Partnerships at Informatica, James Sizemore, Chief Strategist for Insurance at Informatica and Jason Lindauer, Senior Director, Global Head of ESG Products at Dun & Bradstreet and Meredith Kalman, ESG Sustainability Data Lead at Deloitte where you will learn:

  • Emerging Climate Regulations Globally
  • Innovations in Climate Risk Insights
  • Impacts of Climate Risk for Insurance as well as Banking, Retail CPG, Health Care & Lifesciences and Supply Chains
  • How to Leverage Climate Risk Insights and GenAI to unlock Climate Resilience and Product Innovation
  • Accelerate your ESG Climate Disclosures such as TCFD, CSRD and California Climate Laws.


Levent Ergin
Chief Strategist for ESG Sustainability & Partnerships, Informatica
James Sizemore
Chief Strategist for Insurance, Informatica
Jason Lindauer
Senior Director, Global Head of ESG Products, Dun & Bradstreet
Meredith Kalman
ESG Sustainability Data Lead, Deloitte
Moderator: Jim Halcomb
Head of Product Management, EDM Council