Studies & reports to inform the data management profession

In support of and in collaboration with the data profession, the EDM Council conducts research into a variety of data management and analytics topics and evolving trends. Whether measuring the progress of the profession or defining best practice capabilities, such topics include:

  • Benchmarking global data management
  • Identifying and defining best practices for data management and the cloud
  • Data implications for advanced analytics, AI and machine learning
  • Evaluation of regulations and their data management impacts
  • Data implications for ESG (environmental, social and governance) strategies

As the global trade association for the data management profession, the EDM Council takes a neutral position on research projects and published reports, free of bias or commercial interests. Our research is conducted with the input of Council members and other experts throughout the cross-industry, global ecosystem of data management professionals.

Our research supports the mission of the EDM Council: to elevate data management and analytics as a strategic business priority.

Global Industry Benchmarks

As part of the agenda for data management research, the EDM Council conducts periodic benchmark studies, using DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) as the framework for the analysis.

Recent studies include the 2023 Global Data Management Benchmark and the Global Data Management Benchmark for Pharma / Life Sciences.


Learn more, contribute to or access EDM Council benchmark studies.