Past Webinar

Best practices for managing the explosion of External Data providers

Date and Time

Thu, May 18, 2023


Join this webinar to discover the best practices for discovery, certification, deployment and governance of External Data providers. There are now thousands of external data providers on the market providing rich data on people, businesses, property, ESG and more. Managing this complexity in a large enterprise is increasingly difficult, time consuming and costly. This webinar will discuss best practices you can consider to tackle the challenge while realising business benefits and reducing risks from using External Data.
Enterprises commonly face these challenges:
  • Discovery: It is difficult for executives to remain on top of the fast growing ecosystem of over 2000 data providers to know what is relevant and best in class.
  • Governance: Data portfolio expansion is blocked by the ongoing responsibility to ensure that all the data you are consuming is compliantly collected, used lawfully, consumed securely and avoids ethical ambiguity, all while remaining commercially viable.
  • Deployment: Busy technology teams are implementing bespoke data integrations to each data provider. These are often independently brittle with their own performance challenges, which increases production system uptime risk as more production systems are dependent on External Data providers.
  • Maintenance: Ensuring solutions remain working continuously into the future is a significant cross functional task to address data drift, data quality fluctuations, version upgrades, data schema changes, system migrations, contract renewals, compliance reviews, and more.
During this webinar we will cover:
  • The External Data Landscape and the explosion in data providers – now in the thousands globally
  • The modern challenges of managing External Data in a large enterprise – what’s different now versus the past
  • The infosecurity and data privacy compliance challenges in working with a large number of new-to-market data providers
  • Applying the CDMC Framework and other common internal data governance practices to External Data
  • How Demyst manages this complexity for large banks and insurers


Scott Albin
GM, International & Chief Strategy Officer, Demyst
Moderator: Jim Halcomb
Global Head of Product Management, EDM Council