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The DCAM Framework (v2.2) – On-Demand eLearning Training with Certification


In our information-dependent world, and with the exponential growth of the volume, types and uses of data, effective and strategic data management is critical for any organization. DCAM (the Data Management Capability Assessment Model) was developed as the cross-industry standard best practice for data management and analytics by EDM Council Members. Data professionals who are certified in DCAM are recognized as qualified experts in establishing, enabling and sustaining mature data management and analytics programs to ensure their firms’ successful use of one of their most valuable assets – their data.

DCAM defines the strategic, organizational, technology and operational capabilities for data management and advanced analytics. It covers the unique requirements associated with:

  • Management of data meaning: data architecture, identification management, taxonomies, glossary development
  • Challenges of ensuring fit-for-purpose quality: business rule, data dimensions, control processes, supply chain management
  • Implementing comprehensive Analytics Management best practices covering key requirements such as model explain ability and transparency for responsible AI and ML
  • The art of working in the midst of continuously evolving organizational priorities


The DCAM Framework v2.2 Course

The DCAM course provides a comprehensive perspective on capabilities needed to develop and implement a practical data management function. The curriculum is organized into DCAM’s eight core components, covering over 130 essential data management capabilities:

  1. Data Strategy & Business Case
  2. Data Management Program & Funding
  3. Business & Data Architecture
  4. Data & Technology Architecture
  5. Data Quality Management
  6. Data Governance
  7. Data Control Environment
  8. Analytics Management

The latest v2.2 DCAM Course includes the newest capabilities for provisioning of data for advanced analytics and AI/ML initiatives, and discusses data ethics for responsible data management.

DCAM Certification

DCAM Certification is awarded upon completion of the DCAM curriculum plus successful passing of the online certification exam. The most efficient and cost-effective way to get DCAM certified is with one of our DCAM Packages listed below. We offer packages for new students and for students who want to earn DCAM along with CIMP or CDS certification.

EDMC Members can receive a 20% discount on the DCAM Certification Package by using the coupon code EDMC (subject to verification by EDM Council.)


DCAM Digital Badge for Certification

EDM Council issues digital badges for Certification to all students who complete the DCAM v2 Framework training and exam, respectively.

These credentials are a validated presentation of accomplishment, skill and quality. They are managed by a third party providing independent validation of the credentials. The recipient can display the badges in their CV, correspondence signature or on profile sites such as LinkedIn. EDM Council’s certification of DCAM are well recognized credentials in the data management profession across multiple industries.

Please note: Knowledge of DCAM is beneficial to any data management professional. However, students should be aware that DCAM is proprietary to the EDM Council and can only be used in assessments by individuals who are employees of members of the Council.