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FIMA Europe 2023

Date and Time

Tue, Nov 28 - Wed, Nov 29, 2023


The QEII Centre, London


Join the world’s leading data conference for top investment banks, asset managers, and insurance groups – FIMA Europe, at the QEII Centre in London this November. Despite the looming macroeconomic crisis, financial institutions are investing in data management to remain competitive. 

At FIMA, gain insights on how to adapt your data team, strategies, and capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and drive more significant business impact. You will learn to leverage generative AI responsibly, implement the cloud to access multi-source data faster, adopt a data mesh approach for federated access to more data products, and support your business with necessary data for ESG strategy and sustainable investments.

Join CDOs and their senior leadership teams at FIMA to benchmark your organisation and gain practical insights on managing your data best. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with leading data leadership teams.

You can view the complete list of speakers, interactive sessions, and event sponsors by checking the agenda. Find it here.

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