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Video | CDMC Framework Allows Businesses to Use Data Risk-Free

Thu, Jul 27, 2023

A CDO Magazine interview with Mike Meriton & Ricardo Crepaldi

Mike Meriton (Co-founder, EDM Council) speaks with Ricardo Crepaldi (Global Director of Data Foundation, BASF and CDO Magazine Editorial Board Member) in a video interview about the inception of the CDMC framework, its six major components, and fourteen key controls. They also discuss how beneficial the framework can be for tech firms and companies.

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework was developed by EDM Council’s CDMC Working Group, with 300+ professionals participating from 100+ firms, including the world’s major cloud service providers (CSPs) – AWS, Google Cloud, IBM and Microsoft – plus leading financial firms, consultancies, technology firms and numerous corporations.

Click here to watch the full interview