Past Webinar

Data as a catalyst for impactful decisions and business transformation

Date and Time

Thu, Nov 16, 2023


Data serves as the catalyst for profound decision-making and business transformation, driving innovation and efficiency. Leveraging data insights empowers organizations to make strategic choices, optimize operations, and adapt to evolving market dynamics, ultimately propelling them toward success and growth.

Please join us for this exciting EDM Council Women Data Professionals (WDP) Leadership Series event as we discuss:

  • The impact of data as a foundation to business operations, KPIs and AI/ML capabilities
  • Implications of a global workforce requiring real-time data for their functional areas
  • Top elements to consider as you think about your data strategy & measuring business value


Jess Iandiorio
Chief Marketing Officer, Starburst
Ghada Richani
Managing Director, Data & Technology Strategy, Bank of America
Ethel Anderson
Head of Google Data Analytics for Strategic Retail Digital Transformation Initiatives
Moderator: Effie Kilmer
CDO Engagement Lead, Data Governance, Microsoft