Past Webinar

Trust Issues With Your Data? Fix Them Now Using an Integrated Approach

Date and Time

Thu, Mar 7, 2024
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Do you struggle to ensure the data in your organization can be trusted to make confident decisions? Are you concerned that applying Generative AI or other advanced analytics techniques to bad data will only make this problem worse? Join us to learn how you to fix your bad data by applying integrated capabilities and trust your decisions.

In this webinar we will discuss: 

  • How a data governance framework is critical to ensure your teams understand the available data. 
  • Why an integrated catalog with metadata that is automatically created fundamentally changes the game for your users. 
  • What role AI can play in improving the quality of your data using capabilities such anomaly detection and automated suggestions. 
  • How to involve a broad set of users across your organization to ensure quality data is maintained. 


Emily Washington
SVP, Product Management, Precisely
Cam Ogden
VP, Product Management, Precisely
Moderator: Eric Bigelsen
Head of Industry Engagement, EDM Council

Post-event summary

The webinar titled “Trust Issues With Your Data? Fix Them Now Using an Integrated Approach,” co-hosted by the EDM Council and Precisely, featured a dynamic and insightful discussion among industry experts:

  • Emily Washington, SVP, Product Management, Precisely
  • Cam Ogden, VP, Product Management, Precisely
  • Eric Bigelsen, Head of Industry Engagement, EDM Council, Moderator

The panel delved into the critical challenges organizations face regarding data trust and integrity. Speakers discussed the paramount importance of establishing trust in data for making confident business decisions. They highlighted how the advent of generative AI and advanced analytics accentuates the need for high-quality, reliable data, underscored the peril of basing decisions on poor-quality information.

A central theme of the webinar is the vital role of data governance frameworks in enhancing data understanding and trust across organizations. The speakers advocated for an integrated approach to data management, emphasizing the significance of metadata catalogs and AI’s potential to refine data quality through anomaly detection and automated suggestions. The discussion further explored practical strategies for fostering a culture of data quality, stressing that data quality improvement is a collective responsibility.

“The output of your models are only as good as the data you feed them. If you put poor quality data into your models, you are going to get biased outcomes,” said Emily Washington of Precisely. The statement highlights the intrinsic link between data quality and the effectiveness of AI and machine learning models, underscoring the webinar’s message that trustworthy data is foundational to leveraging technology for strategic decision-making.

Overall, the webinar provides actionable insights on overcoming data trust issues through an integrated data management strategy, emphasizing the importance of quality, governance, and a culture of data literacy within organizations to ensure that data is a reliable asset for decision-making.