Past Webinar

The three sides of an effective data strategy: Data Strategy Formulation, Data Literacy and Data Strategy Adoption (OCM)

Date and Time

Wed, Sep 13, 2023


Please join us for this exciting EDM Council Women Data Professionals (WDP) Leadership Series event, hosted by EPAM. This is an opportunity to hear EPAM executives Dr. Sandra Loughlin (Chief Learning Scientist, Learning Ecosystem Expert), Dr. Taryn Hess (Principal Client Learning & Talent Enablement, Data Literacy Expert) and Tracy Powers (Senior Director Enterprise Data, Meritage Homes) discuss:

  • The impact of data for businesses and set it within today’s state of the world
  • The implications the lack of focusing on data has for businesses, leaders, and employees
  • Our frameworks on Data Strategy, Talent ecosystem and Data Literacy and their relation to one another


Dr. Sandra Loughlin
Chief Learning Scientist, Learning Ecosystem Expert, EPAM
Dr. Taryn Hess
Principal Client Learning & Talent Enablement, Data Literacy Expert, EPAM
Tracy Powers
Senior Director Enterprise Data, Meritage Homes
Moderator: Ethel Anderson
WDP Americas Co-Chair, Head of Google Data Analytics for Strategic Retail Digital Transformation Initiatives