Map & Measure Your Data Management Journey with the Data Excellence Program

Date and Time

Thu, Apr 18, 2024
11:00 A.M. EST


A major, cross-industry gap constraining the data management function is a lack of formal recognition of data management capability at the organizational level. Without this recognition, data management typically faces significant challenges to secure funding as an ongoing program and to elevate and acknowledge the importance of data management as a core function in an organization.

Join this EDMWebinar to learn more about the EDM Council’s new Data Excellence Program – the first of its kind – for mapping your organization’s journey to measuring, achieving and sustaining data excellence and earning formal recognition.

You will learn more about the program’s key elements and benefits including:

  • Data Management Program – Establish data management as an ongoing program, rather than a singular or one-off project, with journey mapping and goal-setting for continuous, organization-wide improvement
  • Funding Support – Establish measurements and compare to peer benchmarks to assist with funding justification
  • Business Value – Strategically align your data program to your organization’s business goals
  • Trusted Data – Assure data quality, security, governance, compliance, and ethical use of data
  • Global Recognition – Earn formal industry recognition for your organization’s ongoing commitment to data excellence

Meet some of the Founders of the Data Excellence Program who will discuss why they support the program and delve into the current and future value they expect to deliver to their own organizations!


Ben Clinch
Principal Enterprise Architect - Information Architecture and Data Governance, BT
Paul Bell
Global Head of Data Trust & Integrity, Entain
Scott Beange
Head of Data Management, Projective Group
Marilena Stavrides
Principal, Acquis Cortico-X
Kyle Morton
Senior Advisor, EDM Council
Moderator: John Bottega
President, EDM Council