Past Webinar

DCAM Application for the Italian Market

Date and Time

Wed, Nov 17, 2021


We are proud to announce that, in partnership with FIT Strategy, DCAM v2.2 has been translated into Italian. This is a fantastic opportunity for companies with operations in Italy as it allows local offices to undertake DCAM in their native language. Note: Introductory remarks will be in English, and the core presentation will be in Italian.

About DCAM

Developed by EDM Council members, DCAM™ – the Data Management Capability Assessment Model – is the industry standard framework for Data Management. DCAM defines the scope of capabilities required to establish, enable and sustain a mature Data Management discipline. It addresses the strategies, organizational structures, technology and operational best practices needed to successfully drive Data Management across your organization, and ensures your data can support digital transformation, advanced analytics such as AI and ML, and data ethics.

The webinar will explore:

  • The foundations of the DCAM framework and tools
  • Case studies and applications in Italy
  • Opportunities to initiate the DCAM best practices and assessments in your organization


Nino Letteriello
President of DAMA Italy & FIT Board
Franco Francia
FIT Strategy Partner
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council