Past Webinar

Automating CDMC key controls with BigID: Perspectives from LSEG

Date and Time

Thu, Apr 11, 2024
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Forthcoming AI frameworks and privacy laws in the US and Europe on the responsible and ethical use of data are shaping organization’s data management practices. Control frameworks such as EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) help companies stay ahead of regulations and demonstrate independent data compliance. By automating cataloging and classification capabilities that help to secure and protect their data, companies can build guardrail controls to ensure trusted data is utilized for AI models and sensitive data is protected in automated decision technologies.

Attend this session with LSEG, BigID and Projective Group to learn why LSEG is staying ahead of the data curve by adopting the CDMC framework.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn the strategic importance of aligning technology and industry leading frameworks.
  • Hear from Peggy Tsai on why BigID partnered with Projective Group to certify BigID on the EDM Council, Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC).
  • Hear from Scott Beange from Projective Group who will share his insights on the value Projective has realized from the EDM Council partnership.
  • Dive into the CDMC certification process and the validation of the CDMC 14 key controls with Stephen Gatchell from BigID and Shobana Ragothaman from Projective
  • Learn key controls around AI from Oli Bage at LSEG that utilized the CDMC key controls as a foundation.


Oli Bage
Distinguished Engineer, Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics, LSEG
Stephen Gatchell
Director of Customer Advisory, BigID
Scott Beange
Head of Data Management, Projective Group
Shobana Ragothaman
Data Management Consultant, Projective Group
Moderator: Jim Halcomb
Head of Product Management, EDM Council

Post-event summary

The webinar titled “Automating CDMC key controls with BigID: Perspectives from LSEG,” co-hosted by the EDM Council and BigID, featured a dynamic and insightful discussion among industry experts:

  • Oli Bage, Distinguished Engineer, Head of Architecture, Data & Analytics, LSEG
  • Stephen Gatchell, Director of Customer Advisory, BigID
  • Scott Beange, Head of Data Management, Projective Group
  • Shobana Ragothaman, Data Management Consultant, Projective Group
  • Jim Halcomb, Head of Product Management, EDM Council, Moderator

The webinar hosted by the EDM Council focused on the practical applications and benefits of the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework, particularly in automating key controls in data management across cloud environments. The session was led by industry experts who shared insights and real-world applications of the CDMC framework.

Jim Halcomb introduced the session, emphasizing the importance of integrating CDMC within organizations to streamline data management and enhance security and compliance across various data environments. Stephen Gatchell from BigID discussed how their organization leveraged CDMC to automate data security and privacy controls, enhancing the capability to manage and protect data at scale. He highlighted the adaptive nature of the CDMC framework which accommodates ongoing changes in regulatory requirements, particularly in the burgeoning field of AI.

Oli Bage from LSEG provided insights into how the framework aids in managing data across systems, ensuring quality and compliance, and supporting the system’s architecture to accommodate data sharing and security. He stressed the adaptability of CDMC to both cloud and hybrid environments, making it a versatile tool for modern data management needs.

A significant focus was also placed on the future enhancements of the CDMC framework to include AI-specific risk control frameworks. This is in response to the rapid integration of AI in financial services and other sectors, necessitating robust governance and control mechanisms.

Stephen Gatchell highlighted the operational effectiveness of the framework, saying, “The most useful way of using CDMC that I’ve had, having sort of grown up with it, is to crack it open at the beginning of a project.”

The webinar concluded with a call for participants to engage with the EDM Council’s working groups to further refine and enhance the CDMC framework, particularly around AI applications.