The Data Management Connection Portal

EDMConnectTM is the global online portal for connecting with your peers, joining interest groups and work groups and to collaborate on all things data management. Access it from any device, and personalize EDMConnect to your interests and preferences.

The Largest Community of Data Management Professionals


EDMConnectTM gives you 24/7 Online Access to:

Worldwide Membership

  • 350+ Member Firms

Connect with peers

  • 25,000+ Professionals

Join Interest and Working Groups

Set Up Your Profile and Connect to Peers and Groups

Connect to Your Peers – You can connect person to person to other global members through the EDMConnect portal.

Join Special Interest Groups & Forums –  Join EDMConnect special interest groups and forums to get the latest happenings on specific data management topics and contribute to the dialog. Interest groups engage on topics such as Cloud Data Management, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Data ROI (Return on Investment). Our groups collaboratively work with other members on defined objectives and deliverables. Our forums also bring like-minded individuals together to connect and build community, such as Women Data Professionals.

Access an Extensive Library & Link Resources – EDMConnect also includes extensive resources including a library of data management best practices and standards documents, videos and links.


Collaborate, Contribute and stay Connected!

Collaborate – We also welcome guests to participate in certain public facing interest groups and as a means to observe the vibrant EDMConnect Community for considering joining as members.

Contribute – Actively contribute your thought leadership to any of the interest groups or workgroups. Members also can help us lead and moderate groups so if you are interested in moderating a specific interest group or forum, please contact us.

Stay Connected! – EDMConnect also allows you to setup your own personalized communication feeds and alerts so that the latest EDMConnect updates are available to you, 24/7.

Ready to get started? Learn more by watching the EDMConnect video.