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BT Group accelerates cloud transformation, passing key industry assessment

Thu, Jun 15, 2023

Company successfully completes EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) assessment, eliminating 70% of duplicated effort in data management through consolidated approach 

London, UK – June 15, 2023 – BT Group’s Digital Unit is accelerating the Group’s cloud transformation with the successful completion of an assessment conducted by ProjectiveGroup, covering all key aspects of managing data for increased value and reduced risk. The assessment was based on the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) Framework, a comprehensive set of industry standard guidelines, standards and best practices for organisations to move their data into cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud ecosystems.

Passing the assessment gives BT Group a robust framework for moving forward at pace with its cloud and data ambition; it reduces duplication of effort in setting up data classification and management structures by over 70%, saving thousands of hours of effort. As such it gives clear routes not only to the deployment of key strategic applications and data services, but also the pace with which analytics and AI can be deployed responsibly to drive outcomes and build trust for the Group and its customers.

The assessment is the EDM Council’s first in the sector, and saw collaboration from more than 50 experts from 11 disciplines (including data management, architecture, engineering, legal, privacy, security, compliance, networks and more) from across the Group. This assessment demonstrates the Group’s commitment to responsible technology principles and ensuring that all use of data and applications of AI have robust ethical foundations.

As the global trade association for the advancement of data management and analytics, EDM Council developed the CDMC framework through its CDMC Working Group. Participants include hundreds of experts from leading cross-industry organisations, consultancies and technology companies, including the major global cloud providers.

“As we look to drive customer and commercial outcomes built on the potential of our data resources, ensuring we have a robust foundation from which to build is vital. The CDMC framework underpins our data ambition, providing us with a robust, safe and ethical grounding from which to drive value and build trust, for the Group and for customers. It also gives us a yardstick from which to build and measure improvements to ensure we can continue to lead the field. We have been a strong supporter and participant in the development of the CDMC framework since its earliest days,” says Ben Clinch, Head of Information Architecture, BT Group.

“BT Group’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities assessment marks a major milestone in its commitment to cloud leadership,” said John Bottega, President of EDM Council. “Having its cloud platform independently assessed will give the Group’s partners even greater confidence in accelerating their own adoption of cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies with the assurance that their data is controlled and protected.”

“It was my absolute pleasure to complete the CDMC maturity assessment with BT Group. Working with a group of like-minded, innovative, and forward-thinking data professionals who have embraced CDMC and its common language meant that there was a clear understanding of how the framework can help mitigate risk, ensure return on investment and ultimately accelerate BT Group’s journey to the cloud,” said Scott Beange, Head of Data Management of ProjectiveGroup, a CDMC Authorised Partner. “It only convinces us more that in every industry, any organisation working in the cloud needs to adopt CDMC. It has become the standard because it is the best approach for reducing data risk in the cloud.”

The CDMC framework is available as a free download for all industries at to assess their organisation’s cloud readiness and get a scored analysis of their existing cloud capabilities against the CDMC framework. CDMC certification of cloud solutions is attained with a CDMC Authorised Partner.


DataVision London – June 27th

BT Group will be hosting EDM Council’s DataVision 2023 event on June 27th at its 1 Braham Street location. The half-day event, free for members, prospective members, guests and all data management professionals, will include networking opportunities plus panel discussions around cloud adoption and the CDMC framework, GenAI and data ethics, data validation and more. Sarwar Khan, BT’s Head of Digital Sustainability, will deliver an ESG Keynote: Connect For Good In A Sustainable Way. Register here.

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