Past Webinar

Solve Complex Financial Crimes by Leveraging Next-Gen Knowledge Graphs

Date and Time

Thu, Feb 3, 2022


With the advent of complex financial instruments, fraudsters have found ways to cheat the system by exploiting loopholes and using current technology limitations, to their advantage, which makes it difficult to detect complex web of illegal transactions, corruptions, and connections. The current process of Financial Crime investigation is very manual and time consuming. These complex, undetectable financial crimes need next generation technologies which can perform deep link analysis to identify hidden patterns to detect and prevent crime. There’s also a need to look at crimes holistically across financial crimes domains like AML, KYC, Market Surveillance, etc.

Financial Crime and Compliance Knowledge Graph provides link analysis, algorithms to identify deep hidden linkages, and patterns that fraudsters are using to commit crime. In summary, a Financial Crime and Compliance knowledge graph helps to investigate complex crime and drastically reduces time and cost of investigations.

Our panel of industry experts will discuss:

  • Why knowledge graphs are different from other traditional technology options?
  • What are their benefits?
  • What are the pre-requisites of establishing a Knowledge Graph?
  • What are the Organizational changes/challenges that you should keep in mind to successfully implement a Graph Investigation platform?


Rebecca Lee
Chief Impact Officer, OpenCorporates Ltd.
Boris Kusovski
Director – Financial Markets Strategy, Senzing Inc.
Reginald Mathews
Co-Founder and CTO, DataEconomy Inc.
Mike Meriton
Moderator, Co-Founder and COO, EDM Council