Past Webinar

Perform Enterprise Conversions at scale with Data Lineage Automation

Date and Time

Thu, Jul 28, 2022


Enterprise growth depends greatly on successful digital transformations. Today, large-scale data conversions are often combined with a migration to the cloud, giving the enterprise a chance to also modernize their data pipelines. Join us to hear from Sanjay Kalra (Digital Transformation Sherpa at Intelliswift) and Nissim Ohayon (Data Lineage Enabler at Octopai) as they unpack some of the challenges and solutions to consider when planning a sea of change in data pipelines.

This webinar will dive into:

  • Adopting a conversion factory strategy
  • Leveraging prebuilt accelerators and data analysis dashboards
  • Deploying pattern recognition algorithms for identifying regularities and irregularities
  • Accelerating the process using entity resolution via machine learning algorithms, intelligent recon, and audit technique
  • Shedding light on data pipelines, and the interdependence of each data asset with automated data lineage to ensure that all potential impact is assessed and resolved proactively


Jim Halcomb
Head of Product Management, EDM Council
Nissim Yves Ohayon
Director, Global Business Development, Octopai
Fred M. Cohen
Executive Vice President Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, Intelliswift
Sanjay Kalra
AVP, Digital Engineering, Intelliswift