Past Webinar

Knowledge Models that Solve the Data Management Puzzle: A Practical Guide

Date and Time

Wed, May 18, 2022


This webinar is designed for data management practitioners to help solve the data management puzzle, achieve the latest best data practices and optimize your organization’s data assets. This requires having a sound framework and the right pieces of intelligence to connect data to processes, technology, people and regulations, so that you can deliver true knowledge and insights to data consumers across the business.

The expert panel will focus on the latest Knowledge Models developed in collaboration with Ortecha, Solidatus and EDM Council. Starting with the layer of the Data & Analytics Management Requirements Model, the webinar will also introduce three models that deliver additional, specific value:

  • DCAM-CDMC Model: This provides a digital, visual map for how your organization can apply both the DCAM best practices framework and the CDMC framework (cloud data management capabilities), map the capabilities between the two, and understand your organization’s progress in achieving results
  • Global Privacy Model: This maps the GDPR regulation to the Data & Analytics Management Requirements Model to explore how DCAM and CDMC capabilities support a response to specific privacy requirements
  • BCBS 239 Model: This maps the requirements of the BCBS 239 banking regulation to the capabilities defined by DCAM and CDMC


Mark McQueen
Managing Partner – US, Ortecha
Peter Ferguson
Principal Data Architect, Solidatus
Matt McQueen
Senior Consultant, Ortecha
Colin Gibson
Senior Advisor of DCAM & CDMC, EDM Council