Past Webinar

In the Cloud, Make the Data Reign

Date and Time

Wed, May 25, 2022


During this webinar, an impressive line-up of industry experts will highlight the importance of data management and analytics while moving to the cloud. Cloud topics can be intimidating, but our experts will use simple analogies to make the content easy to understand and implement. Register now to gain a deep understanding of the need for data analysis and management in cloud migration, the challenges that exist, the consequence, the solution (best practices), and the business value.

Join our panel of industry experts who will discuss:

  • The benefits of moving enterprise data to the cloud
  • The digital transformation that goes beyond lift-and-shift toward analytics-driven migration
  • The key to gaining maximum intelligence from unstructured data
  • Decoding best practices to make the data reign in a hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • The Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC)
  • Business outcomes and key takeaways


Piyush Mehta
CEO, Data Dynamics
Nanda Ronanki
Chief Architect, British Petroleum
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM