Past Webinar

How to use a semantic layer to deliver actionable insights at scale

Date and Time

Thu, Jun 23, 2022


Learn about using a semantic layer to enable actionable insights for everyone and streamline data and analytics access throughout your organization. This session will offer practical advice based on a decade of experience making semantic layers work for Enterprise customers.

Attend this session to learn about:

  • Delivering critical business data to users faster than ever at scale using a semantic layer
  • Enabling data teams to model and deliver a semantic layer on data in the cloud
  • Maintaining a single source of governed metrics and business data
  • Achieving speed of thought query performance and consistent KPIs across any BI/AI tool like Excel, Power BI, Tableau, Looker, DataRobot, Databricks and more
  • Providing dimensional analysis capability that accelerates performance with no need to extract data from the cloud data warehouse


Dave Mariani
Founder & CTO, AtScale
Bill Inmon
"Father of the Data Warehouse"
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council