Past Webinar

How Cloud is making it easier to integrate external data sources

Date and Time

Tue, Jun 28, 2022


Businesses are growing increasingly reliant on market and alternative data to monitor key results of their performance and risk, stay ahead of trends, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. While many organisations have solved the problem of identifying and acquiring diverse data sources for potential insight, the question still remains: How do we effectively integrate our sources at scale to unlock their true business value?

Join us along with Snowflake to learn:

  • The biggest challenges to effective external data source unification
  • How the Data Cloud and machine learning are helping overcome these challenges to enable continuous, clean, and trusted insights
  • Real-life use cases where data unification has delivered high ROI through new data products and insights


Matt Holzapfel
Head of Corporate Strategy, Tamr
Chris Napoli
Industry Principal, Financial Services, Head of Wealth & Asset Management, Snowflake
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council