Past Webinar

Get Extraordinary Things Done Faster, On Time and Under Budget

Date and Time

Thu, Feb 22, 2024
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When the clock is running down on a project, emotions are fragile, and the budget is expanding by the second, what does a great leader do—fold or find a way to make it happen? As many of us are planning for 2024 goals, register for the Women in Data Professionals Forum Global webinar to help you achieve success. Guaranteed, if you are in this work situation, the first challenge is to survive. The next one is to figure out how to thrive.

Thriving is what Sherry Winn does. Sherry is a two-time Olympian, National Championship basketball coach and a renowned leadership speaker focusing on motivation. She brings common sense, simple steps, and practicality to the awareness of your team.

Getting things done faster, on time, under budget and exceptionally begins with the right attitude and continues with careful communication throughout the project. You will discover the power of preparation, organization, and simplicity and the capacity to apply them in the toughest of situations.


  • Double productivity in half of the time.
  • Use laser-focus on priority issues to reach goals faster.
  • Increase innovation and motivation for top results.
  • Three secrets to save ten hours a week.
  • Win your goals with a championship mentality.


Sherry Winn
2x Olympian and motivational speaker
Moderator: Peggy Tsai

Post-event summary

The webinar titled “Get Extraordinary Things Done Faster, On Time and Under Budget,” co-hosted by the EDM Council and Women Data Professionals, featured a dynamic and insightful discussion among industry experts:

  • Sherry Winn, 2x Olympian and motivational speaker
  • Peggy Tsai, CDO Big ID, Moderator

Sherry highlighted the critical roles of self-awareness, efficient time management, and the art of communication in achieving remarkable success. She also imparted valuable insights on circumventing typical hurdles such as procrastination, mastering one’s emotions, and establishing unambiguous priorities to streamline tasks and objectives.

“Quit taking it personally (Q-TIP) and remember that nobody can hurt you without your permission,” encapsulates the significance of perspective and emotional resilience in navigating workplace dynamics and personal development challenges. Sherry introduced the innovative concept of a “priority question,” a focused query that aids individuals in aligning their efforts with their most significant goals, thus enhancing productivity and fulfillment.

Participants were prompted to introspect and pinpoint practical steps toward more purposeful and directed endeavors. By blending relatable anecdotes with actionable advice, Sherry crafted a compelling narrative that encouraged attendees to reevaluate their approaches to leadership, time management, and personal growth. The webinar not only served as an educational experience but also as a motivational catalyst, urging individuals to transcend their limits and achieve their aspirations with greater efficiency and impact.