Past Webinar

From Granular Financial Contract Data to Risk Analytics and Smart Financial Contracts

Date and Time

Thu, May 25, 2023


The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank supports the irrefutable conclusion that the reforms adopted after the 2008 financial collapse have not completely fixed the problem. It is time to stop relying on old methodologies and partial solutions to address these challenges. Fortunately, finance is well positioned for significant reforms. The building blocks of finance are the individual financial contracts that define the promised exchange of payments, such as mortgages, swaps, options, etc. While financial contracts are written in natural language, mathematical/algorithmic representations are the most precise way to represent the promised payment obligations in a contract as the starting point for multiple uses.

The ACTUS Financial Research Foundation has created an open-source, royalty-free algorithmic financial contract standard that generates the payment obligations of almost all financial contracts. The ACTUS standard has a broad array of applications. During this webinar, we will present an introduction to the ACTUS Standard and several diverse uses of the standard:

  • The ACTUS Standard as the computational engine for smart contracts running on Blockchain
  • The ACTUS Standard embedded in integrated financial risk models
  • The use of the ACTUS Standard as a standalone engine to build an alternative to call reports collected by the FDIC


Dr. Allan I. Mendelowitz
President, ACTUS Financial Research Foundation
Mark Greenslade
Head of R&D, Casper Association
Dr. Willi Brammertz
CEO, Ariadne Business Analytics
Dr. Francis Parr
API's and Open Software Architect, ACTUS Financial Research Foundation
Moderator: Mike Meriton
Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council