Past Webinar

Ethical Pitfalls in AI

Date and Time

Wed, Feb 10, 2021


Pressure to drive returns from investment in data has precipitated an explosion in the use of AI to generate profit. Regulation is likely to move too slowly for businesses that want to lead in the ethical use of AI, leaving them ill-equipped to address complex ethical issues stemming from this powerful technology. The EDM Council has led in the study and development of this emerging area of practice. This webinar will deal with the ethical pitfalls of deploying AI and how to avoid them. The speakers will cover real case studies from the painful lessons learned by organizations’ poor handling of ethical AI, as well as the business triumphs of others that have consciously championed ethical AI and made it central to their businesses.


Diana Ascher
Founder, Information Ethics & Equity Institute, Senior Advisor for Data Ethics & Responsible AI, EDM Council Director, UCLA IS Lab
Danny Saksenberg
Chief AI Officer of Emerge, Lead of the EDM Council’s AI & Analytics Special-Interest Group