Past Webinar

Empowering the Modern Data Platform with EDM Council

Date and Time

Thu, Jun 3, 2021


Organizations across all industries are in the race to progress their digital transformations. However, they need a strong, comprehensive and integrated data foundation in order to successfully leverage the modern technologies of AI, machine learning and advanced analytics. The EDM Council has been leading the way in addressing these data and analytics complexities by supporting its global members through data management best practices developed with the world’s leading organisations, and building expertise with relevant, practical training and certification programs. In collaboration with cross-industry data management practitioners, the Council has defined the core capabilities to succeed as a modern, data-driven organization. Is your organization well equipped with the ‘Modern Data Toolbox’ to accelerate its journey across cloud data management, graph analytics and ESG? Please join us for this special pre-summer webinar hosted by EDMC Europe Advocate, Shaun Rolls and the EDMC leadership team.

The webinar will explore:

  • Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC): Get an exclusive preview of the new cloud data management best practices that have been developed by the CDMC working group to provide guidelines for a successful cloud migration. The CDMC workgroup includes the world’s top Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), technology firms and over 20 leading financial industry firms.
  • Graph & Knowledge Graph Architecture: If you want to revolutionize your digital transformation and build a foundation to enable AI, machine learning and automation, find out why you need Graph, Knowledge Graph analytics and semantics capabilities.
  • ESG: Get the latest developments from the European and US experts across the ESG ecosystem. Learn more about the growing importance of managing accurate, aggregated sustainability data as part of a successful Sustainability Strategy, and how you can get involved with the ESG Data workgroup to define best practices and standards.


Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council
Shaun Rolls
Regional Advocate: Continental Europe, EDM Council
Eric Bigelsen
Senior Advisor, Industry Engagement & Project Leader, ESG EDM Council