Past Webinar

Data Security vs. Privacy in a Hybrid Cloud

Date and Time

Thu, Nov 11, 2021


Data leaders are performing a challenging balancing act. On one hand, data volume is growing at an exponential rate, increasing the need for privacy, security, compliance and risk measures. On the other hand, there is an imperative to accelerate data-driven innovation agendas and share data with external partners to extract new value.

Can privacy and data sharing coexist? It seems necessary to trade off one for the other; prioritize either privacy or data sharing. Data Republic’s approach gives you the power to achieve both.

Join this webinar to explore how secure data innovation and collaboration technology can help you realize the true potential of data assets.

The webinar will explore:

  • Foundations of the emerging data economy
  • The perceived data privacy vs innovation tradeoff
  • Building a scalable and secure data innovation and collaboration capability
  • Scaling projects with secure technology from Data Republic
  • Data management considerations for external collaboration
  • How to get started with on the journey


Sheila FitzPatrick
Data Privacy and Sovereignty Law Expert
Jeff Brown
CISO, Board Advisor and Author
Scott Albin
Head of Ecosystem Services, Data Republic
Mike Meriton
Co-founder, EDM Council