Past Webinar

Data Literacy for All in the New World of Insurance

Date and Time

Tue, Jun 7, 2022


In the insurance industry, countless decisions and actions are made daily to support clients’ needs, compete effectively in a crowded market, and grow businesses. But the pressure is on to become fully data-driven to deliver the best outcomes for clients and for the business. While data around us is increasing exponentially, more users across insurance firms are dependent on it for their daily work. But do the users of that data even have the knowledge and skills they need to source, understand and apply that data to do their jobs well, everyday, especially as it becomes ever more complex? Join EDM Council and IDMA as we host a webinar to discuss Data Literacy and the benefits of it being at the core for any insurance organization to be data-driven.

Data management experts will discuss:

  • How data literacy applies to the insurance industry to enable employees to understand, find meaning, interpret, and communicate using data – and stand out in their organizations as high performers and well-informed decision makers
  • How creating a data literate organization drives innovation and collaboration
  • Why organizations with aggressive data literacy programs outperform those who have not prioritized data literacy
  • How data management frameworks – such as DCAM and CDMC for data management and cloud data management capabilities – provide the opportunity for organizations to excel at building a strong and scalable data foundation based on accepted best practices


Tracy Spadola
VP of Administration, IDMA
Mike Meriton
Co-founder, EDM Council