Past Webinar

Behind Closed Doors: Silicon Valley Bank’s Sensitive Data Management Strategies

Date and Time

Tue, Feb 14, 2023


Is your organization challenged to manage sensitive employee data with respect to privacy compliance, security breach analysis and records management? Today, sensitive data management is a cross-functional priority that impacts security, privacy and data initiatives. Data management teams need to scale work by replacing manual processes with an automated approach for sensitive data management – the biggest challenge with discovering and classifying the data for the appropriate policy management.

Join a live conversation between Jennifer Mezzio (Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank) and Peggy Tsai (Chief Data Officer at BigID) as Jennifer reveals how Silicon Valley Bank manages their challenges relative to sensitive data.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to identify and protect most sensitive data
  • How to build a proactive vs. reactive approach to data assets using automated data discovery and classification
  • How to apply and enforce data records management


Jennifer Mezzio
Managing Director, HR Divisional Data Officer, Silicon Valley Bank
Peggy Tsai
Chief Data Officer, BigID
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder & COO, EDM Council