Past Webinar

Balancing Agility and Governance for Self-Service Analytics

Date and Time

Mon, Nov 16, 2020


Across industries, the journey to digital disruption and data-driven transformation is well underway. With the adoption of self-service analytics and greater demands for output and time to value, achieving the right balance between agility and effective governance is paramount.

For modern organizations, traditional top-down and workflow-driven data governance may not be the best fit. What’s needed is an adapted approach to governance that’s agile, scalable and takes advantage of augmented analytics and catalog-driven capabilities to meet the needs of data-driven businesses.

In this webinar, attendees will learn how to:

  • Create a framework for bottom-up-driven governance that balances user empowerment, data discovery and collaboration – with the degree of governance necessary for effective data usage
  • Emphasize support and operationalization for end users of data as close to the point of data consumption as possible
  • Leverage agile methodologies to manage data acquisition, data use and data stewardship
  • Integrate the data catalog into holistic governance practices


Kelle O'Neal
Founder and CEO First San Francisco Partners
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council