Past Webinar

Address Your Blind Spots Around Mission-Critical Data

Date and Time

Thu, Sep 1, 2022


As the IT landscape continues to change, being able to modernize your existing architecture while integrating new platforms has become essential. To stay competitive, you need to swiftly deliver innovative web and mobile apps and analytics solutions that include all your critical data—including mainframe and IBM i.


Join us to hear how forward-thinking companies are using modern cloud-based platforms to deliver solutions that drive better customer experiences and greater insight—all while extending the value of their core systems.


During this webinar, industry experts will cover:

The benefits and challenges of modernization
How mission-critical data contributes to success
Best practices for integration success within digital modernization and modern analytics
How forward-thinking companies are using modern-based cloud solutions to drive better customer experiences, greater insights, and extended system value
The webinar will be led by industry experts including:
Ashwin Ramachandran, Senior Director of Product Management, Precisely
Jim Halcomb, Moderator, Head of Product Management, EDM Council


Jim Halcomb
Head of Product Management, EDM Council
Ashwin Ramachandran
Senior Director of Product Management, Precisely