Past Webinar

Accelerating new Business Models for Banks with Data & AI

Date and Time

Wed, Jul 19, 2023


Most traditional banks are weighed down by data silos and long accrued technical debt creating significant data and decision-making overhead. Getting the data foundation right, with a sound insight-centric data model is the prerequisite for banks to be able to offer real-time, hyper-personalized offers and smart decisions related to loans and other digital banking products.

In this talk, we discuss the importance and necessity of a sound data model that enables banks to operate with higher efficiency and effectiveness in the era of digital ecosystems. We will discuss some success stories where we are helping customers design and implement novel industry-aligned enterprise data models and transforming their businesses to become data-driven, analytically focused, and customer-centric.

The discussion will explore:

  • Building sustainable data models that usher banks into a new era of data reciprocity to turbocharge AI use cases
  • Real-time AI use cases around hyper-personalization
  • AI-driven decision-making and real-time offers in the era of ecosystem players


Shekhar Jadhav
Director, Data Strategy & Advisory services, Kyndryl
Vishnuteja Nanduri
Director, Data & AI Services, Kyndryl
Moderator: Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council