Past Webinar

A Hive Mind: New NLP techniques to cross-pollinate your cloud and bloom new insights

Date and Time

Wed, Dec 1, 2021


You’ve meticulously stocked your cloud with data silos rich in internal and external customer information. But to truly bear fruit, the walls of these gardens should be broken down and their contextual signals carried from one to another, with a consistent topic hierarchy.

To take the sting out of these technology and data decisions, this webinar will guide organizations on how to:

  • Identify opportunities where cross-pollinating data can create exponential value for analytics, BI, ML modeling, search, and more
  • Evaluate and select a knowledge framework that can produce deep, consistent connections across all data types
  • Comb through under-utilized data sets and extract new value with innovative Natural Language Processing techniques


Colin Gibson
Senior Advisor, EDM Council
Ben Easley
Technical Evangelist, Datorama - Salesforce
Ian McCarty
Chief Product Officer, eContext.ai
Stephen Scarr
Chief Executive Officer, eContext.ai
Mike Meriton
Co-Founder, EDM Council