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It is essential to invest in the career growth and skill development of employees within your firm, across all roles and levels of seniority. To accommodate member firms seeking a private course, the EDM Council offers a dedicated virtual option catered to your organization’s size and needs. 

Wherever your team is in the world, enjoy the flexibility and cost-savings of participating in live, virtual instructor-led training (VILT) sessions. Learn from the best. Sessions are led by world-class data management practitioners, including former chief data officers, who have deep experience in the profession and outstanding records of succeeding in the dynamic world of data management.

Join thousands of data management professionals who have completed EDM Council’s training and certification programs and are advancing successful data management programs and strategies in their firms.

Please contact Eric Bigelsen for pricing and availability.

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eLearning Course Catalog

The EDM Council, through eLearningCurve, offers classes to meet the learning needs of your organization. Courses are 3 to 6 hours long and cover fundamentals to advanced topics. Each course is accompanied by a certification exam. Browse through 45+ courses and over 200+ hours of eLearning training.

Savings codes:

  • EDMC = 20% off courses (EDMC member discount)
  • EDMCPACK = 5% off packages (EDMC member discount)
  • CPACANADA = 15% off courses (CPA Canada discount)
  • CPACANADAPACK = 4% off packages (CPA Canada discount)
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Explore the courses

  • AI Fundamentals
  • Analytical Modeling, Evaluation, & Deployment
  • Analytics Fundamentals
  • Analytics-based Enterprise Performance Management
  • Best Practices in Data Resource Management
  • Big Data Fundamentals
  • Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Crafting the Business Case for Data Quality
  • Curating and Cataloging Data
  • Data Analytics for Data Stewards
  • Data Governance for Business Leaders
  • Data Governance for Data Stewards
  • Data Governance Fundamentals
  • Data Integration Fundamentals & Best Practices
  • Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS
  • Data Mining Concepts and Techniques
  • Data Mining in R
  • Data Parsing, Matching and De-Duplication
  • Data Privacy & Protection Fundamentals
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Quality For Data Stewards
  • Data Quality Fundamentals
  • Data Quality Scorecard
  • Data Science Fundamentals
  • Data Stewardship Fundamentals
  • Data Understanding and Preparation for Data Science
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Data Warehousing Fundamentals
  • DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model)
  • Diagnostic Analytics Using Statistical Process Control
  • DW and BI Data Modeling
  • Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration
  • Framing and Planning Data Science Projects
  • Fundamentals of Business Intelligence
  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics
  • Hadoop Fundamentals
  • How to Deploy Data Governance Part 1 &2
  • Information Management Fundamentals
  • Introduction to NoSQL
  • Introduction to Graph Databases
  • Knowledge Graph Architecture for the Enterprise
  • Location Intelligence and GIS
  • Logical Data Modeling
  • MDM for Data Stewards
  • MDM Fundamentals: Architecture & Implementation
  • Metadata Management for Data Stewards
  • Metadata Management Fundamentals
  • Modernizing Data Governance
  • Organizing for Data Quality
  • Prescriptive Analytics Using Simulation Models
  • Putting the Science in Data Science
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • The Data Model Scorecard
  • Streaming Data
  • Web Analytics
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