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Privitar’s In:Confidence Podcast: EDM Council Advocates for the Value of Data Management

Tue, Dec 21, 2021


Formed in 2005, the idea behind the EDM Council was to create a trade association that would cater to the emerging role of the chief data officer. Today, the organization supports data professionals by providing best practices for responsibly and ethically managing information—including, most recently, a framework on how to manage data in the cloud. In this episode, John Bottega, President at EDM Council, explains how the association came to be and the important work that they do.

Topics discussed:

  • What the EDM Council does for data practitioners
  • The origin of the Cloud Data Management Capability (CDMC) Framework
  • Providing guidance around “data for good”
  • Data management myths and what’s on the horizon


John Bottega
President, EDM Council