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New Data ROI Report: Data as an Asset
Mar 14, 2023

EDM Council announces the publication of Measure, Manage, Create Value – Practical Steps for Achieving High Data ROI by Treating Data as an Asset, the second...

New Data ROI Report: The Data Office Playbook v1.0
Feb 24, 2023

The EDM Council convened the Data Office ROI Working Group to develop comprehensive guidelines to help organizations navigate data challenges. The downloadab...

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Eyes on Data: The Elevated Role of Data Management and the CDO
Feb 16, 2023

The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO) or the Chief Data Executive continues to gain relevance and importance in today’s corporate C-Suites across all indu...

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Waters Technology: Putting a price on your head (of data): The ROI of a CDO
Jan 31, 2023

EDM Council is featured in this article from Waters Technology. It discusses the ROI of the CDO and data management as a whole, and how they need to demonstr...

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YDC announces General Availability of YDC Data Economics Center
Jan 13, 2023

YDC just announced the General Availability of YDC Data Economics Center, with YDC Data Products allowing users to tie the value of their data initiatives to...