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New Data ROI Report: DataCo

Tue, Jul 25, 2023

The EDM Council announces the publication of DataCo: Independent Data Organizations Maximizing the Value of Data, the third report produced by our .

This downloadable report demonstrates why forming a DataCo – or Data Company, an independent organizational construct – can maximize the value of the data assets of a parent organization. To explore the current landscape of this approach and determine the criteria to define a DataCo, the report analyzes public information from 51 companies that have created distinctly named constructs focused on leveraging a parent company’s data.

The EDM Council Data ROI Working Group has determined that a DataCo has three defining characteristics:

  • It manages all or a portion of its parent organization’s data
  • It is independent from parent organizations
  • It maximizes the value of the data of the parent organizations

Download Data ROI Report on DataCo